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Contrary to what many people think, there is a lot of content in the artistic body nude exhibition. Without the Nude there would be no history of art that could be told. Nor would issues related to human expression and the reproduction or denial of bodily patterns come to us.

The body we inhabit exposes all its content and, when nude in front of an audience of artists and art lovers, mediates dialogues that promote acceptance, comparison, knowledge and diversity of being. Through the exposure of the body, whether in lifedrawing sessions or even in common activities where it is exposed in a more apparent way, we can express to the people who observe us, who we are and what content represents us. This body houses memories, experiences, brands, history. Share concepts and understandings that interfere in the space and people around it. It needs to be restored at all times as new, active, alive and sensitive.


For that, we need to know each other immensely. We need bodily autonomy and certainty of our human capacity. Balanced self-esteem, increased body awareness, honest presence and personal ethics are essential. The readings we promote from ourselves are endless, but they lead to the heart of what is alive in us. A presentation of yourself that reflects our true loves as living beings can transform lives.

CASA CORPO2 - Lifemodel's School, Art & Reference works with this concept of body, which is mind, intellect and intermediary. It will promote courses, workshops, lectures, observation and lifedrawing sessions with people that wil be of their body exposure. It invites all those who, in some way, benefit from the issues addressed about the body and come to share their impressions and live the experiences created by the school.



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