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(In person - start dates must be defined between artist and School)

An artistic residency with Juliano Hollivier and the Life Model School, Art & Reference offers each artist a rare opportunity to co-create an experience with the top life model in the field. We offer a unique space for collaboration so that artists can realize their own creative vision. The joint creation of customized Performance time in support of the artist's work practice can only be found at the Cris Ferrantini Art Studio and Life Model School. No other residency allows this level of creativity to be realized with the input and guidance of another professional artist. The experience created by Juliano Hollivier is unparalleled in the world of artistic residencies. The School and Studio welcomes all artists and can customize a special artist residency program for you.

Suggested Program 
Life Drawing Practice Experience: 9 am to 12 pm (Mon – Tue – Thu) one-on-one practice drawing the Nude; and 5 pm to 8 pm (Wed – Fri) drawing the Nude in person with the online group in all option Programs

Life Model Training Course I*: 9 am to 6 pm (Sat – Sun) in the 7 and 10 day Programs

Life Model Training Course I and II*: 9 am to 6 pm (two Sat – Sun) in the 14 day Programs

Life Model Performance*: 4 pm to 6 pm (Sun) in the 7 and 10 day Programs

Life Model Performance*:  4 pm to 6 pm (1st and 2nd Sun) and 5 pm to 7 pm (2nd Wed – Fri) in the 14 day Program


Lunch: 12 pm to 1 pm (daily) in all option Programs

Museum visit(s): 2 pm to 5 pm (Tue or/and Thu) in all option Programs

Art Supply Store visit: 9 am to 10 am (1st Mon) in all option Programs if the artist needs it

*(Life Model Training Course and the Life Model Performances are classes with other students) 
**(Office business hours: Mon – Tue – Thu afternoons & Wed – Fri mornings, except in the scheduled day program activities listed above

Life Drawing Practice Experience 
Daily practice of drawing the Nude based on topics or techniques previously defined by the artists. A new proposal of the Nude is practiced at school: the model poses as the subject of his body exposure, in accordance with what the artist needs to evolve. Corporal dramaturgy, scenic objects, props, lighting, music and contextualized poses are part of this practice. 

Life Model Training Course I and II 
Preparing the body with information related to the artistic exposure of the Nude is one of the objectives of this course. The expansion of body awareness is also one of the proposals. Diversified subjects regarding the profession make up the material worked on: 

  • Historical Introduction About The Nude

  • Anatomical Reference

  • Communicative Body

  • Being Nude in Art

  • Illusory Immobility

  • The Mediating Body

  • Essentials

  • The Body on Pause

  • Scope of work 


The subjects are treated with practical-theoretical strategies. It is important that the student is engaged in the knowledge of their own body and has an open attitude to artistic nude. However, it is important also to emphasize that students do not necessarily need to expose themselves physically nude in activities. 
Although this course works with the exposure of the physical and psychological body and this inevitably awakens your inner self, this is not a therapy. It is imperative that you are willing enough to deal with your limits and imperfections. They will show up!

Art Residency Programs Costs 
7 day Program:  US$ 4400 
10 day Program: US$ 5570 
14 day Program: US$ 8000

What’s Included: 
Daily Life Drawing practice (except in the Training Model Course days) 
Training Model Course I (in the 7 and 10 day Programs) and Training Model Course I & II (in the 14 day Program) 
Lunch (varied menu) – any dietary restrictions must be informed in advance 
A visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art  (in the 7 or 10 day program) 
A visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art and to Pinacoteca São Paulo State Museum (in the 14 day program) 
Transfer (GRU Airport) – except on Mondays 
2 dinners out (beginning and end of residency)

What’s Not Included: 
Art Supplies 
Breakfast & Dinner (other than those listed above) 

For suggested Accommodations and Start Dates ask me how here.

Target Audience

Visual arts students, artists, designers, poets, painters, sculptors and others interested in recording the human figure (+18).

Direction: Juliano Hollivier.

Juliano Hollivier is the author of the book NUDEZ CRIATIVA CONSCIENTE (Amazon, 2018), professional life model, body artist, performer and actor. Post-graduated in somatic education, since 2007 he develops a differentiated performatic work as model. He studies and researches the body and its artistic expressions within the creative process, in addition to human anatomy and the participation of the model in the training of artists. In 2017, he created the Life Model School, Art & Reference, the first and only Brazilian school dedicated to teaching this profession, offering life drawing classes, model training courses and expanding body awareness. He works in person and online at the main universities of Architecture, Fine Arts, Scenics, Design, Fashion, Medicine and educational and cultural institutions in Brazil, USA and Europe.

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