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Period: Sunday

Hours: 2h

From 3pm to 5pm

Value: US$ 15.00 (cash, bank transfer, debit or credit card)

 26   31   28  

Apr Mai Jun 

Free Lifedrawing Sessions also on the dates:

For visual artists, designers and students of the fine arts, architecture and design courses, there is the option of the Signature Club .

Draw or paint lifemodels in training at school. Practical classes can be observed by visual artists interested into record the human figure. They must bring their own drawing and painting material.

A new proposal of body nude exposing is practiced at school: lifemodels pose themselves as subjects in the exposure of their bodies. Scenic objects, accessories, directed light, music and contextualized poses will be part of this class.

Subjects about the body and its artistic expressions will be shared and will be able to compose the material observed by the artist while drawing.

At the end of the session, the drawings are exposed so that students can comment. For more information please contact here or Whatsapp text +5511981615175.

Target Audience

Visual arts students, artists, designers, poets, painters, sculptors and others interested in the registration of the human figure (under 18, with the express authorization of parents or guardians).

Orientation : Juliano Hollivier ( see BIO ).

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