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Period: Sunday

Workload: 2h

4-6 pm (São Paulo/Brazil Time)

US$ 22.00 (Paypal)

Draw or paint life models in training at school. The practical classes of the training course for new models can be observed online for foreign participants.

A new proposal of body nude exposing is practiced at school: life models pose themselves as subjects in the exposure of their bodies. Scenic objects, props, lighting, music and contextualized poses will be part of this class.

Subjects about the body and its artistic expressions will be shared and will be able to compose the material observed by the artist while drawing.

At the end of the session, the drawings are exposed so that students can comment. (This class is taught in Portuguese most of the time, but the main instructions are translated into English).

Target Audience

Art students, artists, designers, poets, painters, sculptors and others interested in knowledge of the human figure (+18).

Orientation : Juliano Hollivier ( see BIO ).

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