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- - - at 2-5 pm (São Paulo/Brazil Time)

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Preparing the body with information related to the artistic exposure of the nude body is one of the objectives of this workshop. The expansion of body awareness is also one of the proposals. Diversified subjects regarding the profession make up the material worked on:

  • Historical introduction

  • Anatomical reference

  • Communicative body

  • Being Nude in Art

  • Illusory immobility

  • The mediating body

  • Essentials

  • Pose support

  • Scope of work

This workshop is also part of an ongoing research on the Klauss Vianna Technique in the lifemodel's work and the postgraduate course held at Pontific University Catolic (Brazil, Sao Paulo.


Lifemodels who already work in the role can also benefit from shared information.


The subjects are treated with practical-theoretical strategies. It is important that the student is engaged in the knowledge of his own body and has an open attitude to artistic nude. However, it is important to emphasize that he does not necessarily need to expose himself nude in activities. For more information please contact here  or Whatsapp text +5511981615175.


Artists who wants drawing can be part of the learning process, as drawing observers. Poets who benefit from observing the body will also be able to participate. More information.

Target Audience

For all people, artists or not, and of all ages over 18, ethnicities and anatomical singularities, actors, dancers, circuses, models, lifemodels, visual artists, body artists, photographers, art and photography directors, physical educators, physiotherapists, somatic educators , psychologists and many other professionals who can use the information shared in this workshop.

Orientation: Juliano Hollivier ( see BIO ).

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