Period: Thursdays

Hours: 34h

From 7pm to 9pm

Duration: 4 months

(March to July)

Total Amount: US$ 300.00 (transfer, up to 3x in

credit card)

Suspended activities until normalization of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Desenhar modelo vivo - Escola de modelo vivo - CASA CORPO2

Work the way of looking and drawing the figure, in accordance with the artistic and expressive nature of the body. Exposure and observation strategies for the improvement of human anatomy, light and shading, body proportions and analysis of the movement inherent in the body and the art that is intended to be done with it.

A new proposal for exposing the Nude body is practiced at school: lifemodels pose themselves as subjects in the exposure of their bodies. Scenic objects, accessories, directed light, music and contextualized poses will be part of the course.

Topics about the body and its artistic expressions will be shared and will be able to compose the material observed by the artist while drawing.

At the end of every session, the drawings are exposed so that students can comment. For more information please contact here or Whatsapp text +5511981615175.


Target Audience

Visual arts students, artists, designers, painters, sculptors and others interested in the registration of the human figure (over 18).

Minimum quorum: 6 students .

Orientation : Juliano Hollivier ( see BIO ).