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Period: Saturday

Workload: 4h

3-5 pm (São Paulo/Brazil Time)

US$ 50.00 (PayPal)

Nudity became taboo after the Middle Ages, under the influence of the intellectual monopoly conducted by the church. The representation of the human figure in art was interrupted until the arrival of the Renaissance. Even today, the nude is still the target of preconceptions, whether in the philosophical naturist, political, religious or in the artistic scope of its exhibition.

Despite being apparently accepted in museums and electronic media, nudity is always the subject of closed groups on social networks and, almost always, the nude exhibitor is not considered an artist.

The workshop intends to work on this theme, in order to demystify the subject, provoking reflections on concepts of acceptance of the body itself and its exposure, facing nudity as a vehicle of a human content, greater than commonly seen, and also providing knowledge of scope of the nude exposed to the artist and the subject model of this exhibition.


Participants will be able to experience the art of exposing nudity in order to be registered in drawings made from observation. For more information please contact here  or Whatsapp text +5511981615175.


Target Audience

People artists or not, actors, dancers, circuses, visual artists, artists of the body and the scene, photographers, art and photography directors, physical educators, physiotherapists, somatic educators, psychologists and many other professionals who may use the information shared in this workshop, over 18 years old.

Orientation: Juliano Hollivier ( see BIO ).

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