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nudez consciente CAPA AMAZON 10062019 si

Distr. Amazon Global


ISBN : 9781096570202

Author : Juliano Hollivier

Graphic Project : Filipe Chagas

Brazilian Edition : June / 2019

(Simple cover, core with illustrations / color photos, 164 pages)

Book made after 11 years of research on the nude´s participation in the artistic creative process and body awareness expansion studies, using the Klauss Vianna Technique.


It develops a narrative about the importance of looking at the lifemodel´s profession with more attentive eyes, the need to update it with information from different areas of knowledge, such as philosophy, neuroscience, physiology, arts and communication. And also about the urgent need to understanding and realizing this work in an aggregate way to the multidisciplinarity that body and art live today.


Its publication on demand is the result of the current editorial democratization. It projects to the reader a unique material of intellectual, practical and academic research, which does not exist in the literary market and on a subject little talked about, but so necessary: ​​nude as a human condition.

Composed of illustrated text with color photographs, drawings and consequent images, made by important artists from the national and international artistic universe. Printed and delivered by Amazon Global, it offers those interested in the body arts quality content for a great reading or study.

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"The practice of the Nude on lifemodeling is very old and has been worked on in the scope of
sculpture, drawing and photography in different cultures. Almost always, in situations where someone is exposed to the other to be represented, it is understood that the artist who sees is the creative subject and the one who exposes himself fulfills the role of mere object.


Juliano Hollivier's theoretical-practical research destabilizes this way of understanding the work. By deobjectifying the nude body, it establishes a
new network of perceptions through which what matters most is no longer the dichotomy  between subject and object. The focus now is on the creation process in action present and shared from movements often invisible.


Initially developed as a monograph for the specialization course in Klauss Vianna Technique from Pontific Catolic University - Sao Paulo, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Luisa
Barreto; the research dialogues with authors from different areas of knowledge
like dance, philosophy and communication.

For me, it is particularly gratifying to find in Juliano's studies an interlocution with the corpomedia theory, that Helena Katz and I have built more than twenty years ago. Your writing strengthens my belief that theories are always in motion taking unusual paths and being
collectively fed from the different perspectives they trigger. "


(Christine Greiner, 2018)

             "Whilst it remains possible to learn a little more about the body, there will always be something to uncover. It is this desire to uncover which led Juliano Hollivier to his work, which is not constrained to the subtraction of something from the body or by the limits of any taboos. I refer to nudity as a state that is created in sensitive exchanges, in flows between bodies and the environment: from nude as an encounter.

             “Creative and Consious Nude” comes to the reader with propositions and questions grounded in great thinkers and in the principles and studies of the Klauss Vianna Technique, as an urgent provocation to destabilize concepts and break patterns, to breach gaps where the body's perceptions germinate. It is an investigation from your consciousness, experiences and knowledge, just like a root in growth and constant movement so that new branches can cross the air and seek possibilities.

              The nude body, as Juliano's minute gaze causes us to perceive, is not the one of which nothing else is known, quite the opposite, it is the one that produces experiences that intersect and face issues of different natures (social, ethical , artistic, physiological, psychological and other), producing new states, memories and drives of life that move our creative processes. We can say that this is a "nude body book", consciously, because we will find no thread that commits itself to a recurrent or predetermined pattern of theories. In opening the book, the reader will find references and traits that are seldom found to speak of this body approach, to which the author refers and which the reader will gradually come to comprehend. A search permeable to questions and relationships with different knowledge and memories, which produces experiences and needs, that surpass the instance of the "end point" of the last page, a "reading-body" in motion."


(Rose Prado is an Artist, Teacher, and Scene Arts Researcher, focusing on creative body flows as a survival strategy in contemporary dance communications. Specialist in Klauss Vianna Technique by Pontifical Catholic University – São Paulo – Brazil and with a Master's Degree in Communication and Semiotics from the same university, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Helena Katz.).

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