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The labor market for the lifemodel is restricted to small circles of visual artists and art teachers, within educational institutions. However, it has a wide potential if one considers the importance of its role in the formation and creative maintenance of visual artists, photographers, designers and poets also. There is also participation in anatomy classes for health science courses, the so-called anatomical bodypaints . We have few professionals who meet the low demand of educational institutions and arts studios. There are a very large number of requests that are answered by countless people who venture into the Nude Art, but without the necessary body knowledge and scope of this function.

The reasons that lead to the seasonality of the profession are the fact that few are aware of the educational artistic process improvements when observing professional lifemodels (drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and literature) and also for the misconception that it is enough to undress yourself and remain immobile to carry out this work.


Thus, any people are invited or offer to pose, either for idle time in their professions, or for money, budget supplement or unemployment. There are those who are exposed to test their courage, to acquire a detachment from the body and inhibition. There are also those who expose their nude for the pleasure of the exhibition linked to sex or voyeurism. Undoubtedly, there are those who just want to get to know the work, so mitigated by the nudity taboo and the art history itself, since little is known and there is a record of the models observed by great artists.


Also, there are those who expose themselves as a chosen profession and that is also part of the body arts. We see posing in the artistic and teaching environment, actors, dancers, musicians, circus artists, painters, designers, sculptors, photographic and catwalk models, yoga practitioners, pilates, physiotherapists, gymnasts, executives, sex workers, among many others.


The diversity of training, performance and intentions that move the individual to practice, or at least, start in the practice of an activity so important as the lifemodel is, shows that plurality is a partner and necessary in the realization of art. However, just as necessary, it is the maintenance with quality of this work, which needs both qualification to be considered as a regular profession. In Brazil it is not considered.


Updating it with a greater understanding of the body and its participation in the artist's creative process is of paramount importance for its continuity. Reverberating this understanding for artists who observe the lifemodels is also important. Bringing to light the consequences beyond the technical fruits of observing the artistic nude is fundamental to make this profession being recognized, which adds so much to the artist's training. Updating and improvement leads to its consideration as an Art Form.

  • Período de 4 horas (manhã, tarde ou noite);

  • Plano de 1 vez de 4 horas/semana por 4 semanas;

  • Plano de 2 vezes de 4 horas/semana por 4 semanas;

  • Diária de 8 horas.



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